Weird Tools #2 - 10-Point Divider

Added on by Tyler Crook.

I love my 10-Point divider. It's a silly, overpriced tool but I use it a lot. I first learned that these things existed from this interview with Paolo Rivera on YouTube. About a year after I saw that I blew $140 and bought mine in a fit of perspective grid rage. 

This tool will give you 11 evenly spaced points (but it's still called a 10 point divider for some reason) that can be set at any arbitrary distance between 1/8 inch to 3/4 inch.  It stretches kinda like a really good Wile E. Coyote trap.

When laying out perspective grids, it's often the case that the vanishing point is off the page. Sometimes it's WAY off the page. What I used to do was tape down my art board. Then I would stick a little piece of tape on my desk way off to one side where my vanishing point should be. Then I would rule out a grid with my longest ruler. It was irritating and it sucked and I hated it. 

A 10-point divider solves the problem by letting you just use the sides of the panel or the edge of the page to lay out a grid. It's quick and easy. You just mark points on one side, stretch or contract your 10-point divider and mark points on the other side. Then you can connect the dots.

It should be noted that you can do the same thing with a regular divider for about three bucks. But my 10 point divider is so cool that I don't even care. So I guess the point is don't buy one of these unless you want to play with something super overpriced and awesome.