Harrow County

Harrow County is a creator owned series by me & Cullen Bunn. It is the story of Emmy who always knew that the woods surrounding her home crawled with ghosts and monsters. But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she learns that she is connected to these creatures—and to the land itself—in a way she never imagined. Learn more...


Petrograd is my first published book. It's a creator owned graphic novel by me and Philip Gelatt. It is the untold tale of the international conspiracy behind the murder of Gregorii Rasputin! Set during the height of the first World War, the tale follows a reluctant British spy stationed in the heart of the Russian empire as he is handed the most difficult assignment of his career: orchestrate the death of the mad monk. Learn more...

Other Books

I worked on a lot of other comics. Here is a fairly accurate list of them all.